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British Design, Manufacture & Distribution

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Person Taping Box at Warehouse


Your ideas are important to you, so we take the time to listen to your exacting requirements while offering advice and guidance on suitability of materials and designs for the intended purpose.  Our experienced design team can then work with you to complete final specifications and prototyping right through to final production.

Britain is renowned for high quality manufacture and we are no exception.  We pride ourselves short lead times and lower shipping costs for companies based across Europe, when compared to factories located in India and the Far East.  Our team also have the ability to quickly adapt, making it possible for us to not only have capacity for larger brands but also the ability to produce the smaller quantities required by smaller independent companies.

Whether you've been supplied products by ourselves or others, we are always happy to provide you with an ongoing support service, whether that be warranty, advice, further development or repairs and maintenance.  You're unique needs mean that you're not just another customer for us, but a long term partner.

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